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News from Downtown Kent

Downtown Kent is a happening place - with shops, restaurants, neighborhood parks and community events, there is always something new and different in downtown Kent. Get the Latest news here!

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Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck at a train crossing when there are no trains?  Very few things in my book are. Kent Downtown Partnership’s (KDP) office is located one-half block from the train crossing on Gowe Street, west of the tracks, a few feet away from Wild Wheat Bakery & Café.  Therefore,

Full House Turned Out for Downtown Breakfast Hour

Last Friday Kent Downtown Partnership held its periodic Downtown Breakfast Hour to update interested business owners and residents on what’s going on in downtown Kent. KDP president Randall Smith kicked things off to a full house with a warm welcome, followed by Barb Smith introducing local city officials. Barb said the sponsorship brochures are done

KDP Needs YOU!

Kent Downtown Partnership hosts events to bring people to historic downtown Kent to see all of the wonderful businesses, parks and other amenities Kent has to offer. We have an active KDP board who loves helping out at events, but we welcome – and need – more volunteers. Volunteer tasks include event planning, registration, securing

KDP Returns to Olympia Feb. 7 to Raise State B&O Tax Cap

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, executive director Barb Smith, Dana Ralph and Chandra Smith went to Olympia. As a city council member and Kent business owner, Dana testified on behalf of Kent Downtown Partnership to increase the state’s B&O cap. (L-R) Chandra Smith, Dana Ralph, Barbara Smith, Lorinda Kay (Langley’s Main Street Executive Director),

Meet Titus and Hops

Your penguins now have names: Daddy penguin is Titus and his son is Hops. We received dozens of great names, and we appreciate the wonderful response from readers, members and Facebook followers. We love that so many of you wanted to keep the names of the penguins “historic” to downtown Kent! The penguins enjoyed the


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Airways Brewing First World Beer Cup Medal
Every two years, in conjunction with the Craft Brewers Conference, thousands of beer samples are sent to be judged as part of the World Beer Cup, one of the largest and most prestigious beer competitions in the world...
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Team Up 2 Clean Up Kent, Saturday, May 17
KENT, Wash. April 15, 2014 Several Kent organizations will Team Up 2 Clean Up Kent during a citywide litter cleanup event Saturday, May 17, 8 a.m. noon. Residents, neighborhood and faith-based organizations, civic groups, schools, youth organizations, businesses and families are encouraged to get involved with this citywide effort...

Kent Is Filled with Delicious Things from All Over the World Where to Find (and What to Do with) Burmese Pickled Tea Leaves, Indian Fox Nuts, and Mexican Tejocote

by Naomi Tomky | Read the Full Story


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