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#1 My favorite thing to do for fun is__?
  • Are you gonna eat that?

  • #Winning

  • Don’t judge me on my choice of therapy

  • I like Pixar movies more than my kids do

  • Exercise in the sun is the recipe to happiness!

  • I <3

  • I let the good times roll!

#2 What emoji would you most likely use to post your vacation photos?
  • Family Emoji

  • Dancing
    Lady Emoji

  • Taco Emoji

  • Golfing Emoji

  • Cool Smiley

  • Paint Palette Emoji

  • Football Emoji

#3 What is the first item we would find in your suitcase?
  • Crafts on the go is my thing!!!

  • Believe it or not, I take more than just #selfies!

  • I keep extras in my suitcase, just in case!

  • Because I fry like bacon without it

  • Queen B 4 life

  • #itsgoodluck

  • For my Diaper Bag

#4 What are you most likely to wear on a road trip?

#5 Which color suits you best?
  • Red

  • Depends
    on my mood

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Black

  • Flannel

#6 When you go to a new city, the first thing you do is?
  • Traveling with kids wears me out

  • #GoHawks

  • I want to experience the city like them!

  • To find that local hotspot

  • Born to be Wiiiiiiiiiild

  • Sorry, no autographs

  • I’ll even finger paint!

#7 Which party would you rather go to?
  • Pre-game the GAME!

  • The best time is family time!

  • The happiest of all the hours

  • Not me!

  • I'm training for my next 5K

  • ...that's a party right?

  • "Art" is in party…


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